These bays (until 2012 called the Cart Sheds) were added to the 1831 farm buildings either

in the late 1800's or early 1900's. The timbers were even then second hand and probably

obtained from buildings that were demolished and that existed on the site prior to 1831,

the date when the present farm was built. Looking at the timbers one can see slots and

holes that formed tongued and grooved joints and holes for wattle and daub wall posts.

Originally they were used for housing the farm wagons and carts although one bay had been

used as the farm carpenters area at some stage.

The largest bay houses the museum's tractors, some for exhibition and others as working tractors.

The picture on the left shows our Allis Charmers tractor, the other is a Fordson Major

The largest bay also houses a fully restored Stone Mill donated by the Chiltern Society

from Lacey Green Windmill. Originally the mill had two 4 ft diameter stones mounted on

the vertical shaft but due to deterioration of the stones, we have made a lightweight

dummy top stone, so that the mill can be made to turn. The bay also contains a restored hay binder.

One of the smaller bays houses a large collection of horticultural machinery including

cultivators, an orchard sprayer, lawn mowers and other equipment.

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