Cows were kept on the farm until the middle of the 1900's when pigs took

over all of the farm buildings. Cows were part of the aim to be self-sufficient,

which was important to the Hawkins family. Pedigree Lincoln reds were milked

in this building, two to a stall. In bad weather they lived in the yard outside.

Food for them was grown on the farm and their dung was taken out to fertilise

the fields. Butter and cream were made from their milk.

The room now has a collection of farming artefacts that shows how much

on the farm went into growing crops to feed the animals, as well as to

make a profit for the farmer. Drilling, weeding and harvesting both root

crops and grain were hard labour intensive activities, and once the harvest

was over, hedging and ditching made the fields safe for the animals to graze.

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