The large barn, known as the 'New Grain Barn' now houses the museums collection

of the larger items of farm machinery. Over the years various buildings at

Pitstone Green Farm have been used for storing grain. Originally the Big

Timbered Barn was used for storing the cut corn which was thrashed during

the winter months. When in the 20th century machinery arrived like the

Combine Harvester, the grain had to be stored and dried in very large

containers as production rates increased. The Grain Silos mentioned elsewhere

was one storage site as was the present Vintage Wireless and Science room,

which were originally two dedicated storage bins. This New Grain Barn was the

last and biggest used on the museum site and the low tunnel alongside the

building ducted warm air from very large fans and heaters through the grain.

The remains of large concrete drainage pipes also carried this warm air under

and into the grain bins now used as the science room.

The massive red Threshing Box predates the Combine Harvester and was used to

thrash the cut corn to remove the grain. It has been used in the last few years

for filming work on the film 'My Uncle Silas'

The Chaff Cutter, in the corner of the building was driven by a tractor and used

to cut the lengths of straw remaining after the grain was removed into short lengths,

only a centimetre or two long, for adding to the animal feed during the winter months.

The Dickins wagon would have been pulled by horses and is shown attached to a hay rake.

The rake was pulled behind the wagon and as it was pulled along, it picked up the hay,

already cut, which then went onto the elevator of the rake, depositing the hay into the wagon.

Also in the barn is an Elevator that was used to carry straw and hay up to the top of

the ricks when they were being built, a Reaper/Binder used to cut and tie the corn

into sheaves prior to the introduction of the Combine harvester and other

artefacts relating to harvesting and haymaking.

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