WWII Radio, Radar and Lancaster room

World War 2 was the first war in which electronics contributed in a major

way to the outcome of that war. Without the radar and navigation aids

that were produced within only a very short space of time, this country

would have been virtually defenceless and unable to retaliate with accurate

bomber raids or to defend ourselves against attacking aircraft. Unfortunately

most of the larger museums avoid the subject of WWII airborne electronic

equipment and only concentrate on the aircraft and weapons.

This room attempts in a very small way to show to members of the public the

often-unknown sophistication of wartime equipment with equipment like

the 'Gee' navigation system and the H2S radar.

The ultimate exhibit we have is a reconstruction of the front section of a

Lancaster Bomber in which this equipment is installed. It is accessible to

the public but under strict control, due to the limitations of space and

the height that exists even in a very large WWII bomber.

For those interested in the Lancaster project itself and WWII Radar and

Navigation Aid, there is a link on the task bar on the home page

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