The Owen Barn named after Tom Owen, one of the founder members of the society,

now houses many artefacts restored by members of the society. A homebuilt sand-blaster,

housed elsewhere on the site, has been constructed that sprays sand under high pressure

from a gun. Rusty parts of machinery are enclosed in a sealed cabinet and the gun,

hand held by long-arm rubber gloves fixed in the side of the cabinet,

is used to blast the rust from the parts of the machine.

Often the original colours can be identified under protected parts of the machinery

and the item can then be painted in near-to original colours.

One unusual item in the Owen Barn is a very large hand driven wheel that we think

was used to drive a woodworking lathe via a flat belt. This would have been used prior

to the introduction of electric motors probably in the early part of the nineteenth century.

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