The Canopy

The Canopy of a Lancaster is made in two sections, the front section being of tubular stainless steel construction and the rear portion, where the canopy tapers back to the Astrodome has a wooden framework on which the Perspex is mounted as in the original aircraft. The photograph shows the front section only. The stainless steel tubes are covered with 'U' channel aluminium that sits over the tubes forming a flat base onto which the Perspex glazing sits. Further capping strips of aluminium/rubber sandwich the Perspex forming a watertight seal. Fixings screws every two inches clamp the sandwich together.

Each side has a sliding window that runs forwards and out against sealing strips, when in the closed position, they run in guide slots in castings fixed top and bottom to the framework. On both front corners of the canopy there are 'opening inwards' quarter windows. At the front there are two plane-laminated glass 'clear screens' for forward visibility. .

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