Pilot and Navigators Fuselage section

In order to construct and transport the Lancaster fuselage (15 ft long, approx 6 ft high and 6 ft wide) it was made in 3 sections. Each can be moved individually and bolted together wherever it may be exhibited. The canopy is also detachable. The photograph shows the first pilots cockpit area when it was nearing completion together with the front section of the canopy.

The construction is aluminium sheet, hard riveted to the aluminium formers and stringers, as in the original aircraft. There has been some reduction in the gauge of the aluminium used for the formers, as they were hand worked over wooded patterns as opposed to the use of very large presses available at Avro's. Several thousand rivets had already been used in the construction. The Pilots seat ( homemade) is seen in the photo was then just fitted. .

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