H2S Indicator & 207 Switch Unit

The H2S radar system was one of the most advanced electronic systems developed during WWII Not only was it the first application of PPI (Plan Position Indicator) where the display was in the form of a map as in present radars but it also used the top secret Magnetron (CV64) which operated at very short wavelengths (10 cms and later 3 cms) giving extremely high resolution images for its day.

To top all these incredible developments it was reduced to a size such that could be fitted in an aircraft.

Later improvements resulted in a gyro-controlled scanner and allowed interfacing with the bombsight computer giving the capability of blind bombing with considerable accuracy. The version in the picture is the MKII 'A' using the 162 Indicator and the 207 Switch unit.

The 'Fishpond' indicator 182 also interfaces with the system. This indicator is fitted in the Radio Operators position and allows the detection of enemy fighters attacking from below and behind. (see R1155-T1154 photo).

This equipment is fully functional using an inbuilt simulator and a later page gives futher technical details of H2S.

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