Overview of the Navigators section

This is the view of the navigator's bench with the Gee Indicator on its bracket on the LH side. The DF loop control is just visible at the extreme top left of the picture. The cylindrical object above the Gee Indicator is the Compass Correction Unit (increments or decrements readings from the master gyro compass) and the rectangular object also mounted at the top is the Astrograph. This contains star charts on film that can be projected onto the navigator's table. To the rear is the Navigators panel with his various instruments including an anglepoise lamp and other navigation instruments fitted on the panel. The unit on the left of the panel is the 'API' or Air Position Indicator. A Mileage unit, fitted below the Nav's bench, converts the forward air pressure from the Pitot tube (an open ended tube facing forward in the air flow) into a rotary speed such that the rotational speed is proportional to the air speed of the aircraft. A flexible cable couples this rotary output to the API and together with an electrical signal (compass bearing) from the Master Gyro Compass, produces an output on two counters on the front of the API, that read directly in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude. (GPS system in WWII ?)

Part of the H2S radar indicator can just be seen on the RH side. An inspection lamp, the brightness being adjusted by a control on the rear panel, hangs from the Astrograph.

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