Pictures of the Pilot's Panel

The panel is shown in two sections, the rectangular cut out at the bottom of the panel is for the Engine Control Quadrant.
The LH section includes the blind flying panel which is a sub-panel containing six instruments mounted away from the main panel on three rubber suspension points. All the instruments on the blind flying panel are vacuum powered from a vacuum pump fitted on one of the engines, making the instruments independent of the electrical supply. Other instrument shown on this half of the panel are the beam approach indicator, the undercarriage indicator, one of the signalling keys, part of the blind flying system (George) and other smaller items.

The right hand side of the panel contains four dual mag switches (top left), four engine start switches (top right), four red boost gauges, four RPM meters (below the boost gauges), oxygen regulator (middle right), four prop feathering buttons and fire extinguisher switches plus several other controls and switches. All the instruments on the pilot's panel are original WWII items, many of them wired up ready to incorporate them into an engine simulator system at a later date.

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