R1155 Receiver & T1154 Transmitter

The Transmitter (top) and Receiver (bottom right) operated on the HF band (High frequency, typical 1 to 30 MHz). The receiver was continuously tuneable over each of the five switched ranges. The receiver was fitted with a BFO (beat frequency oscillator) for CW (continuous wave) reception, e.g. Morse code. The transmitter was also continuously tuneable but had the facility of being set up previous to the flight on several preset frequencies that could be quickly selected.

The receiver also had DF facilities included (Direction Finding). It used a manually rotated DF loop fitted above the navigators section and twin pointer meters operated from the receiver, one in the radio operator's area and the other just above the pilot's panel next to the repeater compass. Once tuned in to a broadcast or beacon transmission, the pilot could fly along a known bearing by keeping the twin pointers on the meter crossing on their centre line.

The 'Fishpond' Indicator, part of the H2S system is at bottom left of the photograph.

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