The Pilot's Seat

Some original assembly drawings were available but without any detailed dimensions, I was fortunate in being able to borrow a badly damaged seat from an original aicraft, which helped in the construction. Wooden patterns were made for some parts and aluminium casting made using a small enamelling furnace. The upper portion of the seat is riveted sheet aluminium and contains some 600 rivets. The arms fold back to allow access. The Pilot's Seat is mounted some half metre above the floor of the aircraft

Armour plating, hinged at the back of the seat can be raised to protect the pilots head. Further armour plating was also fitted at a later date. The base of the seat was made of tubular stainless steel and a lever on the port side of the seat enabled the seat to be lowered or raised to suit the pilot.

The pilot sat on his parachute pack and was held in the seat with a harness that could be attached to a boss at the back of the seat. A release catch and cable operated from the lever seen on the arm, could release the harness.

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