THE HERITAGE PARK at Pitstone Green Museum

PIMS News (13th May 2020)

Membership and Newsletter Update

Until the current coronavirus situation has been resolved the museum is suspending the process of members having to renew their membership at this time. We will also suspend the production and distribution of our quarterly newsletter.

Manager's Report

Just an update on where we seem to be, in regards to Museum working. Tragically Paul lost his brother to the disease and our own Jason Jordan who is one of our youngest, fell ill with it and was very poorly for a couple of weeks and even managed to break a rib coughing.

These events should bring it home to all of us that we are dealing with very serious issues here and for once the government is correct when it states that if you want to stay safe, stay home !

If my interpretation of our PMs statement is correct, it appears to be OK for us to go in to the farm and do most of the things we normally do, assuming we can do so safely and maintaining social distancing.

We must however be aware that as we are unlikely to open to the public this season, we should not take any unnecessary risks which could result in serious consequences to any of us.

If you want to go in, you must conform to all the rules on distancing and hand washing and we must all be fastidious at filling in the attendance sheet, even if you are on your own (which is not advised).

You will notice that the sheets are slightly different, just fill in your name and the times you arrive and leave. If one of us caught Covid-19 we would need to know who they were in contact with, at The Museum. It would also be safer if you chose outside jobs, particularly if there is more than one of you, there is plenty of painting and gardening to do ! We should probably take our own food and drink and it would be best to stay outside at break time, or use the meeting room or the big barn if we need to head indoors.

We have cancelled the June PIMS talk, the antiques evening and the paper mill visit, the others may well get cancelled at a later date. We have not made any absolute decisions about open days beyond cancelling June and July and for the moment, we can keep our options open for the last 4 (2 x August, Sept. & Oct.) My feeling is that we either do the last 4 or none at all, it would not be worth opening for the last 2.

Keep safe, your health is more important than Pitstone Museum, Ronnie and I will continue to try to keep things ticking over, best wishes - Pete

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